Graduate traineeship

It's not always easy to get started in a professional career straight from university. We make it easier  with our trainee program. It gives career starters and graduates the opportunity to get to know BIA from different angles. The focus is on optimal preparation for a future position as a specialist or manager in the BIA Group. During the one to one-and-a-half-year traineeship, you have the opportunity to explore other departments as well. This gives you the opportunity to network at an early stage and to acquire comprehensive technology and product knowledge. At the same time, you find out for yourself whether the desired position fits with your expectations. You will find current vacant trainee positions in our job advertisements.

Trainee program at a glance:

In which departments is the trainee program offered?

Trainee positions are regularly offered in the departments of project management (sales, product and moulding tool development, advanced quality planning). In addition, we offer occasional individual trainee programs, e.g. in business areas such as controlling, automation technology, process engineering or production.

How long does the trainee program last?

12 to 18 months, depending on the department / target position.

How is the trainee program structured?

All trainees have a target department in which they are placed from the beginning to the end of the trainee period. In addition, activities in adjacent departments are planned for a period of between two and ten weeks.

Is it possible to work in different locations of the BIA Group?

Whether a foreign assignment is part of the trainee program depends very much on the target position.

Are further education programs offered during the trainee period?

Each trainee program operates at the interface between training and work as a lot of practical and theoretical knowledge is taught. In addition, our trainees can take advantage of various complementary training courses (internally and externally) if required.

How are the trainees looked after?

All trainees are looked after centrally by personnel management. In addition, every trainee has an individual contact person in the target department (trainee mentor) and in the operational departments.

Is there a handover after the trainee period?

Our trainees are engaged for a limited period and we always train for a target position. So far, we have been able to take on all trainees in permanent employment.

What are the framework conditions for the trainee program?

Trainee pay varies according to the qualifications and experience of the applicants but is geared to industry-standard hiring rates for graduates and young professionals. Trainees receive 30 days holiday, holiday pay and a company pension.

Is an unsolicited application for a trainee program possible?

Basically yes, provided that the qualifications and experience of the applicant fit in with one of our fields of activity.

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