Environmental protection

As a manufacturing company and processor of hazardous materials, BIA strives to minimise the impact on the environment and the consumption of resources. Regular investments in state-of-the-art plant technology, the constant development of our own processes and the use of renewable energies contribute to achieving this corporate objective.

Children's Hospice Burgholz

The company or the workforce participates several times a year in campaigns, in the context of which donations are collected for the Bergisches Children's Hospice Burgholz in Wuppertal.


The Association "Füreinander – Chancen in Solingen e.V.", which was founded and supported by BIA managers, their families and friends, specifically supports projects and facilities for child and youth welfare in Solingen.

Sports promotion

In addition to classical sponsoring such as for the BHC, BIA sponsors individual talented young athletes, integrative sports projects and grassroots sports associations in Solingen. This is done on a donation basis.


Over the years BIA has encouraged its employees in the simple and free registration in the German bone marrow donor database. Many BIA employees are now registered, and in one case a successful donor has emerged from our workforce.

Social engagement

The training programs of BIA include being socially involved. The BIA trainees are free in their choice of activity, provided it is of a charitable or non-profit nature. Thus, even the young trainee staff should be made aware of the societal benefits of social engagement.

Promoting mobility

In order to make the use of bicycles or public transport more attractive for employees to commute to work, BIA offers preferential terms for the purchase of bicycles and accessories as well as tickets for public transport.

Health promotion

With targeted actions, advice and promotions, BIA motivates its employees to participate in physical exercise and to lead a healthy lifestyle. These include, for example, fitness challenges, nutrition and health consultations, company runs or the financial support of sports activities.

Company restaurant

Good food in an attractive atmosphere contributes to the motivation of the employees. Hence the company's own 3Q7 is a more company restaurant than a canteen. With a subsidised and varied menu that is prepared on-site, BIA offers its staff culinary diversity at reasonable prices.

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