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The BIA Group based in Solingen is an international supplier to the automotive industry. We manufacture plastic components which are then chrome plated using electrolytic processes. We supply almost all major car manufacturers in Europe as well as some Japanese and Chinese manufacturers.

With around 800 employees, BIA is one of the largest private employers in Solingen.

The BIA plants comply with the latest standards and of course comply with all environmental regulations. Furthermore, BIA's corporate image is underpinned by continuous optimisation of its own processes and procedures. We thus make a valuable contribution to

protecting the environment and conservation of natural resources. In this regard our electroplating lines set the industry standards all over the world.

As an operator of electroplating plants, BIA is classified as a major hazard company. You will find important information in our information brochure (only German).

Moreover, we take our responsibility within society, not only in the field of environmental and resource protection, very seriously. We are also involved in various social projects as well as grassroots sports. The focus of our funding is primarily on local institutions and associations for child and youth work. An overview of our commitment can be found here.

Whistleblower protection


BIA Kunststoff- und Galvanotechnik GmbH & Co. KG is obliged to set up a whistleblower system in accordance with the law for better protection of whistleblowers (Whistleblower Protection Act). The Act contains extensive regulations for the protection of whistleblowers (with regard to confidentiality of the identity of the whistleblower, protection against reprisals, etc.).

The Whistleblower Protection Act regulates, among other things, the reporting, documentation and targeted processing of violations as well as the protection of whistleblowers from reprisals. The Act covers actual or potential violations, including well-founded suspicions that have already been committed or are very likely to be committed, as well as attempts to conceal such violations. 

According to the Whistleblower Protection Act, all natural persons who have obtained information about violations in connection with their professional activities or in the run-up to professional activities and report or disclose these to the reporting offices provided for under this Act are entitled to report.

Further information and the data protection provisions on whistleblower protection can be found on our reporting platform:

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